Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Thought I Did, But I Didn't On Tuesday

I thought I did, but I didn't on Tuesday....I don't know where I was but I wasn't that busy...might have been because I was catching up on all the blogs. Dunno.....however, here I is !!!! :)

Morning was a little wild..I'm truly believing that Miss Annie has jet fuel in her veins...she gets up and zooms through the whole day...she tires all of us out...and still can keep going..she can't settle down....she's got to chew or get into something and poor Rudy...I bet he has battle scars. Hahaha.

I did get laundry done as Monday I never got to maybe that's why my brain is confused...or could be senior moments...what have week I can see is gonna be strange .

This weekend I'm gonna get my license renewed then start getting my boxes ready to start loading cause the month of September is just around the corner. OMG! Time is really flying now.. Also hoping my motor home is back a week before we leave..but I do have my doubts...Wayne does good work but woe is me, he promises everyone and gets too much work and can't fit it all in...ouch!

Watched America's Got Talent and it was pretty good...then just fell out...yeah it was one of those throw everything into the can never play catch up and think you are done.!

Ok, my day finished and so was I....

Safe travel to those that are and as always. God bless us all....I think Wednesday is here :)

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