Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Warm One This Saturday

A Warm One this Saturday....waking up to 73degrees..oh my stars..feels like mug city getting up and out at 4:30am..amazing but feeling that without a breeze you can only hope a nice shower will make it all better..LOL but I do remember.."Be careful for what you wish"...I ain't a wishin' nuttin' !

This morning I was on another mission..LOL  pick up the Pills of Life from CVS and then hit Winn Dixie on the return usually I'd go for a lunch but I chose to come back cause it was just blinkin warm and I wanted back in AC..LOL but I did have to make a pit stop and Johns as he called and asked me to stop by he had a "Surprise".

Now knowing John one is always prepared for "A Surprise"..but never sure what kind hahaha...but it was a nice surprise this time.. He bought me 2 huge Cantaloupes from the Farmers Market in Brownwood and I'm telling ya these babes were like the size of a small basket ball..OMG they were huge.. 

Opened one up for dinner tonight and sweet and delicious so I cut them all up and put them in the frig ..they'll be my breakfast for several days :) thought about freezing and then putting them through the Yonana machine LOL  I know my brain is on Yonanas..

In fact I bought more bananas today and the produce guy asked me if I had a MONKEY..hahaha.. I'm surely going to town on this..but it really is good and simple ..and beats all that heavy cream and sugar...which is something I do have to watch anyway.

Got back home and decided to fix myself a sandwich and I even bought a 6 pack of beer..ME...yes...ME.. I haven't had a beer in years but I had this yearning for one with a Ham and Swiss on Rye... but I did, when I was at John's house, give him a few beers .. I mean I only wanted one but you can't just buy one.. so I have a few more in the frig..

After enjoying it and it was good...I had to lay down on the couch hahaha.. yes, I got a buzz.. I mean I felt that one beer..HOLY TAMMALE..haha.. and I had a real good snooze...Maybe I should have one before bed time  LOL..Nah.. it has to be with a sandwich..and only once in my wine..:)

Still trying to find a cage for Ms Shug to come home in.. and I've been searching on the net..I need one that is roomy and she can climb around in and she can also sit on top when we are parked cause it's like 3 to 4 days I'm my search still continues..

Now I need another nap..this time one till hope all of you traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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