Thursday, June 20, 2013

Murphy Strikes Again on Thursday :)

Murphy Strikes Again on Thursday :)  What can I even say...?????  you all know how I am so fortunate to be a member of the Murphy family.. by that I mean, if it's gonna happen it happens to me !!!!

Morning was hot and I was a little anxious as this was the day I was suppose to get all my new gadgets from Verizon.. (HA)...and I was hyped ... I mean so anxious to get rid of a service that everytime it rains I may or may not have service..and then to call and get on that round robin that goes no where and to hear..they may or may not be able to get to you today >>>>>>HA HA !!!!

So I stepped it up a notch to get done with my chores and for me that's kind of a little bit legs want to go but my knees won't co it or not that's what it is....but I got done and then I decided to check the Fed X tracker...(this is where I went wrong)...

What the ??()*&*^^,..... it's going to Philly..????? OH NO !!!  so I get on the phone and call Verizon and then ask for a Supervisor..cause the gal that placed the order was off and I had already gone through with her to make all the corrections a few days ago...

Next thing I hear is the Supervisor is calling Fed X...while I sit and listen to that awful music...wish they'd change the tune...and then she comes back on and says, "I called Fed X and they are putting a stop and re routing.."...Now I just shake my head cause no where did I ever say, "Ship to Philly".. I mean why would I buy something for Florida and use it in Philly ????

This has been a mess from day 2...first day I placed the order second day I saw the mistakes and called and they were changed but...Fed X went their own way...Good Gravy it doesn't get any better...

Trying to stay calm when you deal with idiots is almost impossible and not lose your temper.....HELP...and trying to keep my blood pressure that's a horse of a different's not easy..

So now we'll see if it comes tomorrow...I'm taking bets ..LOL... like I said, "I'm a Murphy"...and I have to accept things that will go wrong cause nothing I can really do about matter how hard I try  !

My day was exhausting because it was a screw up..not the hard work I did..that made me tired but not wiped out..trying to get things straight exhausts me when you deal with people who don't give a Chitski...plain and simple.

I did manage to get a cage for Ms Shug..and it looks pretty nice..crossing my fingers it will be what it looks like...I'll post a picture  tomorrow as I need to transfer my photos...and I'm ready for bed..LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All....and please let my gadgets show up in Florida :)

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