Friday, June 14, 2013

A Day of Remembrance on Friday

A Day of Remembrance on Friday for me.  Not because it's Flag day but because on this day my Mother went to Jesus in 1982.. it was just one month before her 65th birthday..

Momma had been ill for over 25 years with MS and the last 15 years of her life she was bed stricken...although her body was wasting away with that dreadful disease...her mind was as sharp as a tac...She allowed her body to be used to test new drugs to help cure others...How brave she was...but she felt that perhaps it would help others even though she was too far gone to regain anything .

I wish I was half as brave as she...and from time to time I think of things she would do and I smile..She and I did not get along as well, I was my Grandma's favorite..guess it's because my Grandmother actually raised me..Momma had to work so didn't have time for me..the youngest of the brew.

Although when ever there was a major issue I was the one she'd reach out too..she felt I had more gusto or maybe I should put it.."The Brass" to handle the situation..hahaha..Yes, I'm much like Momma but a lot of Grandma did rub off..but again as ya think about it..Momma was  like her mother :) there ya go..not far from that limb.

My morning was a little bit of a rush as I had to stop at Winn Dixie and I did real good I only bought what I needed and I hit the jack pot ..I got all the bonus points so when I fill up with gas towards the end of the month I'll get 90cents off on a gallon and I'll get 20gallons..wooo hoo...thank you Winn Dixie..hahaha

Ms Shug is starting to explore different foods now..that's neat as this morning I gave her a piece of my strawberry ..the big ones and she enjoyed it ..and I watched..neat how they just lean on one foot and the other holds the food and she watches I picked up a couple of pears and a few more naval oranges...melons didn't look good.

Ms Reba is starting to eat better since I've cooked up a batch of couscous...I'm just so glad I didn't have to stuff her..but she's like Ms Shug day I'll like it then next I won't...Surprise !

So the rest of my day moved by as I had to stop and John's house to pick up newspaper for Ms Shug's cage and then head back home..and again it's warm and humidity is high..too high for my in I went to suck up more AC..LOL

Night time rolls around fast and my countdown is progressing...I've got a few more things packed to go into the spare kitchen is the next attack and that will be tomorrow...YUCKO..

Tonight I watched Forrest Gump..good movie and nothing else interested me..then on toward getting ready for bed...and here I sit writing my blog...

So with that ..those that are traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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