Sunday, June 2, 2013

A really good Sunday

A Really Good I managed to get a lot of my plastic put up and still a search for a traveling cage for Ms Shug... what I really want and I think would be better is a table cage that I could put right in postion and lock down where I have the dog I need to replace a few..:(

Someone had suggested I use a dog crate but the bars are to wide and Ms Shug could stick her head out easily...and that's a no no for sure..but I did discover that Mid West does make crates for birds so I think Monday morning I'll give them a call.. I mean I've dealt with them for years besides Central Metal Crates.

Zeke was moving a tad bit slow today and I heard him whimper a little getting up..that had me get a little I checked him over head to toe and I watched him the later part of the day and finally he started coming around a little bit other wise we'd be at the Vets on Monday for certain...don't need any more happenings..NOT NOW !

Good thing I saved some boxes ..honestly it looks like a room of boxes but I haven't much spaces to store things and these I re use and re use till they fall apart..YES, I hear Ms Diane complaining..LOL

Tomorrow I need to go through the kitchen and collect all that's there and start emptying out some of the flour that's been there awhile..figures I just put out the trash hahaha..well, I'll have it for next time anyway..but a lot of the things I normally would have done I didn't this was just one of those strange times for me..too many changes I guess..wrapped up with a lot of sadness.

Sure miss my critters .. Joe was definitely a hard one and Abby it was too soon but I saw it coming and didn't want to believe it..but it happened..and all I do now when I think of them is know they are now romping in the heavens and we'll all meet up.. then I think..(I know this will make ya smile as it did me)  omg...I have had so many it's gonna be a stampede..hahaha..better make sure I have goodies in my pockets..heck better bring a sack with me..:)

Now it's on to tomorrow...and I hope those that are traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

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