Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Toot Toot Tootsie it's Tuesday

Toot Toot Tootsie it's Tuesday ....holy Hannah the time is flying by and I'm now getting the woolies as I've got to start breaking down the house ..no time to really play..(wait, always time for JELLO) so I must go over and check the Rig too..cause nothing like surprises..

Morning for me was get my list going big time..as I sort through more "STUFF"  where does it all come from..why do I collect such "STUFF"...eeeeeeeek...but it's all gonna be gone the next few trash days hahaha..

It was too hot to even go over to where the rig is parked and so I'm hoping tomorrow I get in and check things out ..let the engine run and turn on the AC and make sure all is functioning..and do the measurements for the cage for Ms Shug.

Made a quick run to Winn Dixie and wouldn't ya just know it they were out of what I went for..so I have to do a return and that will be by Friday...I can hold out till then (maybe ) ...and I have to order Ms Reba's diapers too..I'm down to 3 package..

On my way back from the store I stopped in and visited with Ms Betsy..I'm so gonna miss that Lady..she and I have had some great chats and laughs..but I do so wish both Betsy and Dick the very best and they need to do what's best for them and their ease of living..instead of worrying ..that's never a good thing..but I hope we keep in touch ..cause I so enjoy her..She really is a lot like me but more Lady Like..Ya read that Ms Betsy..LOL

Watched the Voice and was good to see Danielle and the Swon Brothers made it in the final 3..I wasn't surprised Amber went as the songs she chose were not really good for her..and I did like Sasha..however Michelle well she's a little different for me but she does have a good voice so I can see why she was one that also made it in the finals...

Also watched America's Got Talent as I got all the critters done for the night..You know that is always a trip of a show to watch..and always something strange...big time hahaha

Now I'm ready for bed and already plotting my day tomorrow...as Ms Jane of the fighting duo is in town and she and I are going to an early dinner tomorrow and we planned an outing for next week as I won't see her till I'm back in Oct..

Did hear some rather sad news..that J. B.  Jane's husband (a long story) passed away..although Jane and JB haven't lived together in over 30 years they were still good friends..they never divorced as JB told me because of Jane having Cancer in the early 70's he knew she'd never be able to get insurance so he kept her on his..and they each took on other life partners..

JB was a good person and was always concerned for others.. I'll miss him as well..I did get to meet him and he and I always had a few laughs ...JB may you rest in peace ..no more pain ..you so deserve your place in heaven..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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