Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Man Oh Man it's Tuesday :)

Man Oh Man it's Tuesday:) and as my week keeps strolling by... Got up before my eyes even opened..seems for some reason again Ms Reba decided she needed to find her spot and dig..and not for gold either...OH OK<<<

You got it...right up front to the couch..make myself cozy and hope I get a few winks..turn on the tv and watch something that it may put me back to sleep..NOT...looks like it's gonna be a long arse day YUCKO.

Come dawn I was waiting to see my Hummingbirds haven't caught them in awhile but maybe this morning ..Sure enough a few of those dare devils whiz on by and stop for a drink...getting my birds fed as I see the Cardinals wanting..those dang black birds have been emptying out this feeder...grrrrrrr!

My day is gonna be dragging cause my feet are moving in the reverse action..and I keep telling them "Forward"..hahaha...but it's because my brain is still lost some where in the ozones.. I mean didn't get much sleep don't help things.

I seemed to have pulled a muscle in my neck and upper shoulder..could be the way I'm sleeping.. or not..but that thing is drivning me bonkers..and of course that's not a surprise...but sure is putting a damper on me moving some of the big boxes I'm filling up.

Rained mighty hard this afternoon as I heard the thunder and I see we're in for more the next few days..although we really need it ...I mean not all at once but a little every day would be nice...

Tonight watched the Voice and Ms Holly went home..I kind of figured she'd be the next one but she really was improving and getting better each time... and then on came America's Got Talent..wow..that show never ceases to amaze me..had me laughing too...but that one man that sang to his wife..country lad was really a surprise..then that young girl that sang (10 years old) House of the Rising Sun...what a voice...good show tonight..

Now it's time for me to crawl into bed and hope tonight I get a better nights sleep...and for all of you trucking down that highway..Stay Safe..and God Bless Us All....

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