Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All is going ok on Tuesday

All is going ok on Tuesday....woke  up before the day even knew it was Tuesday ...LOL...and my neck is starting to ease up some..but I'm still taking my time.. I mean I have a couple of weeks to put it all together..

Ms Reba is starting to eat better too..Alrighty now that makes my day !!  I've only had to make a few meatballs up for her (stuffing) and the rest she's been letting me know she hungry...that's even better..and of course still not eating the dry food only on her terms..well that works for me as well... I mean so she likes to eat it a piece at a time..no biggy but she is eating ..that's all that matters.

Most the day I really just did my usual and notice I'm running low of wild bird seed but I won't replenish as the little feeder is loaded so when I run out they will have to go to that..or they will fly away.

It was another warm day..and this lady does her stuff early cause I ain't about to mess around in the heat..nope, been there done that one...sooooooooooo it's lean back and listen to music or play with Ms Shug..which by the way is liking the in flight..oh my stars..visions of this happening in the rig..hahaha.

Tonight watched the Voice and yeppers Ms Danielle won..she well deserved it and the Swon Brothers..well I know they will do really well..and Michelle..she has a career going..they were all good and tonight's show was great..but Ms Cher ..you are in a world of your own..hahaha..was entertaining I will say that..God Bless Her !

Now I'm beat and tomorrow is a busy day so with that I'll say, Safe Travels and as always..God Bless Us All

PS...Mister George is back blogging so I added him to my list again..sure happy to see him post..followed him for years..that's Tioga George ! Welcome back :)

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