Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Fantastic Wednesday :)

A Fantastic Wednesday :) it sure was and I felt great too... Jane and I had our lunch day instead of early dinner LOL well you could call it early dinner..hahaha..cause that's all I had..I mean what we ate we didn't need any more..

Morning again was HOT HOT HOT>.and your brain couldn't think ..maybe that's why I was kind of lost for words..and that's a new one for me..but everytime I tried to say something I couldn't put the words in what I wanted..HUH???? what's that about.. but I was really having to think..must have been the heat..

Got my chores (normal stuff) done and Jane called and decided to "let's go to lunch"...well that was fine with me cause I had just got done cutting up my sweet potatoes for the crew here and cooking them in the microwave then cooling them and putting them in the freezer..Yeah, let me tell ya it's a job..but the critters love em and I'm just glad they eat all their meals..

So I got finished and I was planning on doing a little more but I thought "Why not" got dressed and out the door I WENT...:)  wooo hooo and outing..and picked Jane up and off to Perkins we went..

Ya know you've been frequenting a place often when they know your name and when we walked in the waitress all said "hello"..hahaha..they know us as this is becoming one of our favorite places to go too. Plus it's relaxing, not crowed (the time we go) and we can just lean back take out time and tell our stories..

Our favorite lunch (well one of em :) ) is the Crunch Honey Chicken Salad..that is big and delish and of course we had to share a piece of pie..LOL..hey we were good and it was shared..but dang it that sucker was big too..

It was a good day and a fun one too..and we then stopped over to the rig and I got the measurement for Shug's cage..and we sat in the rig.. I ran the engine and also the Genny and had the AC running.. we stayed there for about 45 minutes but my engine and genny needed charging..and we talked about all the neat times we had in that rig..all the places we went plus all the dogs I was showing..yes, it was a Memo day..

Now tomorrow I'm in the rice and the Rice cooker are gonna be working and also I need to check in the freezer and see what I need to take back and what I'll give to John..also need to order Ms Reba's diapers...she can't go home with out them..LOL  she is really good about wearing them as she has to wear them all the time now...

Then it's start clearning out the kitchen cabinets too...go through my lists..stuff I use to have Diane help me with..but that's now a thing in the past..although I'd like to hire my girlfriend's daughter...she's a fantastic organizer and does an excellent job of cleaning too..only problem is, she's not dependable or I'd hire to take care of the house for that's a bummer

Oh well I'll figure what's best for with that I'm gonna say.."Good Night and those traveling STay Safe..and as always God Bless Us All "..

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