Saturday, June 29, 2013

Left Me Puzzled on Saturday !

Left me puzzled on Saturday !... well my day was going along fine.. got a lot of things on my list visited the Rice Fields wee hours and batched up some of Ms Shug's veggies as well so I was just a hopping right along wee early and then had my list to go to Winn Dixie..

Yes sirree bob...I sure did get my chores going ..even went to CVS for the pills of life for the month and said my "So Longs" to the Pharmacist Shawanna, that makes sure all my meds are in order..Thank you !!!

Hopped over and filled my tank with that Winn Dixie Card discount..this time I got $1.10 off a Gal (20 gal worth)...and that made me smile but of course I spent that money and then some at the store :)..

Then stopped at John's house to pick up my Tomatoes that he got for me at the market (he kept calling me to remind I'd forgot DUH ) and then headed home in the heavy down pour..

Thinking that all my chores were done I could relax a bit and enjoy the rest of the day as for my Sunday I have my list going already..fixed lunch and then leaned back and the phone rang..

A voice came on and said, "Hello, this is Bright House"...and I'm calling because we are unable to process your order to port your phone number back to Bright House.."... I couldn't talk I was speechless and let the young girl continue...

She then said, "The reason is because Verizon won't release it till we give them the order number and your pin or password"...I then choked up and said, "What the hell are you talking about, I've given that out 3 times already and did the verification and even spoke with a Supervisor and repeated it because the reps got it screw up "...silence on the phone and I hear her say, "Oh my" !  I guess so ...then she says, "hold one second please let me look at these orders and go through and see where it is "....

Ya know in everyone's life one time or another things come in that shock the Chit out of you..but in my case it's been a continuing HORROR.. and it just seems to keep coming...I'm to the point I don't even know where to begin with this or when will it end...

Then I hear the young girl come back and say, "I'm so sorry but it seems none of the reps or Supervisor you spoke with logged in the order number"...Now I have to say, "I'm confused and can I really believe this " again I give her the number and I make her repeat it and ask her name and what department she's from ..Yes, I have it all written down..and then I ask..."Now is my number still gonna get ported over on the 2nd of July and is the tech coming out to install the new box and remove all these wires.."... and with all those questions she replies.."Yes"

She keeps apologizing for all the mistakes..HUH and then we say our "Good Bye".. after her call I then call the Supervisor but she's not in and left a voice mail hopefully I'll hear from her tomorrow..or maybe Monday.. but I can tell ya this is still not over and I have to send all this equipment back to Verizon as I'm waiting for them to send me the return labels..

Am I laughing.. I don't think there is any more laugh left but total shock right now and like I'm telling ya... Who knows when or if this will all come in to play before I leave for Pa...that's another story..

I then leaned back and took a nap brain was exhausted from the confused state of this what the business world has become a bunch of screw ups Gawd help wonder our country is in such a dither...

So hopefully I'll have a good dream cause my day has been a nightmare ..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...there is hope out there some where over the rainbow...God Bless Us All !

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