Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Day Another Dolla on Wednesday

Another day another Dolla on Wednesday.....can it get any better ?????

My morning was busy and before I knew it FedX was at my door..wooo hooo and with 2 packages no less..2 you got it 2...the guy was even laughing cause he was here not too long ago with the other fact he did say, "I sure hope you got it all" truer words were ever spoken.

So I was smiling cause I knew it wouldn't be long and I've be hopin on the Verizon Net..and smooth sailing...Ok, now you all know things have a way of just putting a little damper on me..and so it went..

Called Verizon to ask for assistance to make sure all my connections would be ok and they walked me through some and the other part I already did on YouTube..thank those step by step videos..

Of course I asked about the Xtra unit that now showed up and was told take it to a Verizon Store and they will send it back of give me a return label for with that I hooked up the phone connect and that was so simple and couldn't wait to hear that dial tone.

Called John up as I knew he wanted to go to Verizon for something and told him I was ready to go but first I had to see what happened to Marvin...Remember my handy dandy man...well that will have to be another topic cause it's too long to go into but Marvin did say, "I will be over tomorrow"..So be it !

I go and pick John up and head on down to the Verizon store in Lady Lakes..and pick ask about my Xtra package and they tell me .."They don't do that any more"...wonderful so I came for nothing..but about putting this SIM card in this Mifi for me as it's a bugger to get in..and they did and that baby worked great even connected John's phone and let him back up his data ..

Decided to treat John to lunch and told him in no uncertain terms that if he acted up he'd have to call a cab..cause I didn't need his crap today...and off we went to Perkins...we have a terrific waitress that is really great and she knows Jane and I well and really steps it up a notch with us...of course we do tip her well but she deserves it ..

Came back and hooked up Jane's phone and then dropped John off and headed home and boy I was wiped got the Critters done and leaned back and started to connect my computer and ipad and iphone to the "new" system and DUH it wouldn't work.. it kept bouncing off and no where was I going anytime I called Tech Service and my phone was awful I could barely hear nor could the Tech hear me as well...UH OH>>?????

She ran a few tests and then said the word I thought I'd never hear..."We can not provide you with good service "  WHAT ?????????? OMG>....NO< NOT AGAIN...but true and I'm cutting this short cause I'm brain fried...Everything they attempted to do didn't work and my phone service was like talking in a well with echo and vibration...and the internet would not hold..kept coming and going...

I started to laugh.. I couldn't help it and I could hear the tech saying, "After all you went through, I'm so, so sorry but I can't lie to you .. it really is awful and you should have never got this service for your area.."... she was being honest and she did say, "you're cell phone doesn't get a good signal, this will not either so you should have never been sold this"...Holy Hannah !!!!!!!!!!!

Long and short of it I had to call Brighthouse and come back on their service which will happen on Friday as they will come out and make sure everything is connected and then I'm back to square one...however, Jane's service works great and she's good to go..Thank Goodness..

Now I'm beat and maybe I'll tell you a few of the jokes that did happen ..but like I said, "Brain Fried"...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You just have to write to the CEO of Verizon with this awful tale of woe! This is soooo terrible that's it's nearly funnee, but it's not! So sorry, Barb!!!!

    1. Li, I've learned some days you win...and some days you break even...but in this case it went South...but true it could make a great story and all the facts are TRUE.. I'm smiling now but boy I was so disgusted...but ya know I still have my that's AMAZING ! LOL Thanks for caring...Loves Ya Gal !