Saturday, June 15, 2013

And the Rains Came on Saturday

And the Rains came on Saturday...did they ever.. I woke up at 3:30am with my neck really doing a number on me..walked up to the front of the house and tried to lay back down on the go..I heard that rain hitting on the roof I watched and listened to the Thunder and Lightening..OH BOY it was really clapping up a storm..

Not sure whether I slept wrong or it's from an old injury but this is definitely a pain in the neck..LOL  I've tried to just ignore it..did my vacuuming ..and kept busy but this sucker is just gnawing at me...

Later this morning after the rain let up a bit I got my outside work know the routine..watered under the over hang as those plants don't get wet..and feed my wild birds and then back into the house to feed my "Bird Dawg"..yep, Ms Shug was just a barking letting me know she wanted attention..this is so wild ..a barking Cockatoo..what's next ??????

I think this week if I don't hear any word from "joe".. on the cage I'll order it from Foster and it's almost what I want..and I'm starting to get closer to the time and I  need to have everything ready for when hubby arrives..

My list seems to grow ..and I'm wanting it to decrease..but I keep adding stop that nonsense..hahaha...but I am making some head way..if I don't have to many interruptions.

Had to lay back down as that dang neck starting acting up ..guess I was just pushing it a bit more than what I should of..but I'm not one to give into the old aches and pains..sometimes for me if I keep going I will work it out..boy wish hubby was here ..the ole Ben Gay might just do the trick LOL

Tomorrow I've got the kitchen to finish packing up..(all my plastic put away) and then I can move on into the living room..with all my crocheting ..finish a few more things and put the rest of it away..that will make a big empty spot in the living room..hahaha

So that's about it other than my aching neck is saying, "Go to bed" I don't need any more hints...those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All

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