Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wake Up Call on Wednesday

Wake Up Call on Wednesday...oh I listened to the weather this morning I got my wake up "HELLO THERE"  it is hurricane thing about me.. I'm a woosh when it comes to STORMS... I mean I could crawl under a rock (expression..I couldn't crawl under anything )..LOL...but I am really.. since a child having had a bad experience once was enough and for me living 9 months of the year in Florida...Hold on to your HAT...!!!

This morning I wasn't really in a great mood as I have such a stiff neck and upper back..don't know what from other than moving things..which I keep thinking it's no biggy..but sure enough a couple days later I'm complaining..but of course to no one but myself and me critters..the feathered friend don't give a hoot cause she's complaining to me..hahaha..

Only watered my hanging plants as it rained some so that gave me a break and from what I'm following..there will be plenty of watering for all for the next few days..I only hope and pray no strong funny winds and that no one gets hurt..

The birds will hang out somewhere safe I hope don't wanna see anything happen not now.. I mean I often wondered how they weather out the storms.. and I know those squirrels hand on for dear life.. I've seen a few fall out of a tree..

Most of the day I was paying attention to the news know how they can beat a dead horse ..but for me I wanted to know how to deal with this..and when I needed to take down those hanging pots..I guess I'll have to watch and see how it goes..ugh :(

Tonight I watched Dateline.. OMG.. I was so heart broken as those poor children were having their heart issues.. and to each one of the 5 children.. I can't even imagine how those parents were holding it together...Lord, I sure don't understand but I could have cried.. Praying for that Bingham family and they sure do need so much help..

Something like that just tares at your can it not..innocent children going through such and their lives haven't even begun..and so bravely they handle it...and I complain over stupid crap.

See things like that snap you back into reality..Don't complain about small crap when you see what's really out there.. I'll keep my mouth shut..well attempt too.

Now I'm getting ready for bed won't get much sleep as I'm on edge with this dang storm..just pray no one gets injured and we all come out of this ok..things can be replaced but lives...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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