Sunday, June 23, 2013

Attempting to Get Over It on Sunday

Attempting to "Get Over It" on Sunday...seems crazy but for me Ms Shug's adventure took it's toll on me..I was so shook and the stress of the waiting game played havoc on nervous system..kind of like in Over Drive..

I tried to sleep last night but was up at 2ish (am) and wound up laying on the couch and watching TV...every sound coming from Shug's cage had me getting up and looking...

Finally at 6am I gave Zeke his meds and of course Ms Reba wanted hers too..pill pocket that is..and then it was my start of the morning chores..and I kept myself busy to try to work this uneasy feeling out..did take my meds today as I forgot yesterday..glad I didn't take my blood pressure.

By 11am I started to get drowsy and I leaned back in the chair looking at Shug and fell asleep what seems likes hours for 45minutes..hey but every little bit helped...woke and new I had to go to Winn Dixie so off I went.

Was good to get outside even though it was a hot one ..but I was out and about and picked up a few goodies for Ms Shug as well..the biggest strawberries I've seen in a long time and at the Farmers Market I got great tomatoes and a huge cantaloupe..yeah I was ready for some goods..

Surprising how your body takes control and there's nothing you can do about it..being a heart patient I've noticed the changes I've gone through..cause never in my life was I shaken by much..and so I need to make sure I pace myself and get back to doing meditation.  I use to laugh about that but it really helps me in dealing with stress..

Later in the day Ms Shug and I shared a few strawberries..Ms Reba didn't miss out I can assure you she got hers as well..Zeke got his biscuits..but I wouldn't be surprise if Shug would attempt to try one ..she certainly is ready at dinner time for her share of the "dawg food"..rice, veggies and shredded chicken..and even barks when I'm putting it all together..:)

Evening time I had my fill of the day.. and tomorrow I have a handy man (Marvin) coming to work on a few things for me and also clean my AC unit that he put in.. He's one of those type man that can fix anything along with being an electrician...and a very kind and caring young lad at that.

Can't believe my days are getting closer and my spare room is starting to fill up ..but it's got to go somewhere LOL...and with that it's my time to go somewhere over the rainbow...LOL  like good night and sleep tight :)

Safe travels to all that are on those highways..and as always..God Bless Us All

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