Thursday, July 24, 2014

What A Pleasant Thursday :)

What a pleasant Thursday...although morning was not a great start. I mean Miss Annie had other ideas.  She was getting up like it or not. And up we all got!!

From there on in the day turned out pretty good. I had company ..a few of my friends pop in for late lunch and I made a Jewish Apple Cake which was excellent.  Thanks so much Paulette for sharing that recipe :)

Later in the afternoon I got in an hour nap..woo hoo.  I meant was needed too...then it was time to feed the brats...they certainly let me know.  Miss Annie is getting very vocal. While Rudy is such a gem...he puts up with Miss Annie gnawing on him. He's such a sweetheart..

Right now Ms Shug is in a screening mode...Almost breaking the sound barrier. What gives?   I think I must have given her too much meat. Hahaha.   Sure hope she settles down....cause it's bed time .

Watched Big Brother tonight and it's now starting to get going. I mean most of the players are not sharp enough to play the game..maybe this young group just are more followers...this coming week should start to make some clever moves..

My clever move is to head to with that I'm gonna say, those traveling stay safe and God Bless us all...

Again another short and sweet....I'm enjoying no major issues. :)

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