Friday, July 18, 2014

Oops Thursday and Friday Grouped

Oops Thursday and Friday grouped together.  I was so tired from going to the doctors. I sat from 9:30am till almost 2pm.  I saw my Cardio doc first got an EKG and then got scheduled for Stress Test and Echo on the 30th of July. Had a good visit with him and good thing was there wasn't any changes in my EKG from last years.

Then I slid over to my Internist...and waited to see him. It felt like I moved in..but I did get two done and so was I...I also got paper work for blood work to be done and also to log into the Portal of both Doctors...

I stopped on my way home to pick up a faucet but no deal.. They didn't have the one I wanted so that means Saturday I'm on a get my sink fixed...I had to ask my hubby..." Why he didn't get it done".  I don't even want to write his reply other than he attempted to fix it.....he's a mathematic whiz but not good in home repairs...where's  my wrench?

When I got home I had a whopper of a headache and went to bed up at 5am and the brats were full steam fact every time I look in the run Annie and Rudy have dug another trench!

Most of today (Friday) I took it easy and just put a few more things headache is still with me and my jaw has been aching. Actually it's the first time since my surgery.

Haven't spoken with John much as his girlfriend has been doing a lot of screaming at all that we're helping me help him...I've blocked her calls as no sense in even dealing with a raving get no where but upset and it's not worth it.

Noam so ready for bed and gonna take some Tylenol and pray for a good night's sleep.  Safe travels to all and as always. God Bless us all

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