Monday, July 21, 2014

A Special Day On Monday :)

A special day on it is Ms Shug's birthday. She is now 2 years old. Can't believe how the time flew ( no pun intended).  You can see how she is starting to look more mature however, still breaking her tail feathers with all her antics...

My two brats were wild and crazy and Ms Annie goes bonkers. I have to hold her to calm her down. Today was a worry day for me some what as Miss Annie kept up chucking.  She'd drink too much water after she ate that it just flowed out.  She did that several times today. That I had to put her up..

I always after they eat make them lay down for an hour so they can digest their food..they run and jump around so much you'd think they were part frog!  So tonight I made sure after dinner they stayed in their crates. So far so good no sign of anything.

Ms Shug had her out time and was a character. She played with my soda bottle ( empty) and I tried to get a picture of her holding it. As it looks so neat.  But she did sit up and watch me do her set ups of her feed for the next 3 weeks. She didn't miss a bag. LoL

We all did get some what of a nap in and then it was. On with the everyone has gone out and Ms Shug back in her cage and it's time for bed. Thank goodness..always feels good to climb in bed and get in some down time but it sure seems to go by too quick.

So with that it's. Safe travel to all and always God bless us all.

Uh oh I have to download an app to put up pictures from my Ipad. So that's my next adventure. Wish me luck. LoL

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