Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wham, Bam, It's Wednesday

Wham, Bam it's Wednesday... and here I am bummed out cause I missed my dentist appointment and have to come back again in Oct to finish the's not just a Dentist appointment cause he's a reconstruction surgeon.. and because of using Fosamax I've had to have work done on my lost many of my crowns.. I feel like the tooth fairy left me barren.

Morning for me was a quick flash..well that's how it seemed as I had to go over Carol's house and pick up things that she was keeping for John ..being she and her hubby had to leave town.. because of illness in the family.. so that took up a good part of my morning..

Got back and I was just so bummed out.. Brats were there usual self.. I mean they can wreck a room in a short bit.. and so they did..and again I straightened up.. no matter how much I yell.. they are pups and they wanna have fun.. so I sit back and get out of the way.. then again I get up and straighten up..

Noon time was their Lunch Cookie.. this sucker is huge. it's an Xtra Large biscuit and it brings out the beast in them..LOL.. before tonight's dinner.. the RAW MEAL... now let me tell ya.. that's definitely the call of the wild..grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

As I sat back in my chair next to Ms Shug and looked out my window watching the hummers go into battle over the sugar water.. the phone rang.. and HELLO was my Dentist Office.. (Surgeon) and they let me know that Doc was taking me in tomorrow at 10:45am.. woo hoo.. that changed my mood..

Now really think about this.. I'm happy for going to have a little pain (hope a little) and not be able to talk.. chew or for that matter smile.. HUH???? I know but this Doc is fantastic.. and my jaw will be back to normal and when I go home and heal I'll be able to get my (paid for) teeth / partial bridge done and I'll be able to chew like normal..

That made my day and the rest of the day was WONDERFUL.. and also in two days hubby will be here and we start our process of loading up the rig for that long, long ride home...

Watched tonight.. So You Think You Can Dance.. those kids are fantastic.. such great talent.. I ached as I watched them bend, fold and fall over each other.. so gracefully... where's my Aleve LOL

Now it's bed time and I'm so ready.. brats got their treats and they are tucked in and on for tomorrow... just in case I might not post.. I do hope and pray all traveling Stay Safe and Watch that Weather... God Bless Us All..

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