Saturday, July 19, 2014

What A Good Day, Saturday

What a good day, Saturday....woke up at 5am..wished I could have slept longer. Headache was still with me but very light..I do believe it was because of my jaw surgery..

Brats were in rare form and have decided that when they are in the run they are digging there way to beneath the earth..Both Miss Annie and Rudy come in with their noses covered in dirt!  Bet I could put them out for hire digging ditches !

Today was the day the faucet was gonna be replaced..I mean it has been leaking since before I left to go to Florida in Oct 2013!  Hubby attempted to fix it ever since and being he's not a plumber...well let's just say, "it hadn't work right and just got worse". And we'll leave the rest of the story to your imagination.....LoL

I now have a new faucet and it works beautifully...end of story, now on to other goodies in the house. Is it Oct yet?  Replaced the filter in the freezer and have great ice :). I'm on a mission can you tell?  Drives me bonkers when things are not working right...I've got to get them fixed...

My legs are now improving as well..I've had to keep them up for a bit as the trip back home does a little number on me. And I try my darness to not let them get to where they start to weep...sometimes it's out of my control....however I pay a lot of attention and do what ever I can.

Thanks Todd, Robert gave me the Goody's headache powder..I remember that when I was in of the Professors I had use to take it..he always swore by it next time I'll give it a try..:)

Brought in my NuWave oven from the motor home. I'll be using that a lot as here in this house with no central air it gets hot in the kitchen. I've learned a few great cooking ideas with it and sure does make life easy..

Ok, time to hit the sack and on for tomorrow. Those traveling stay safe and always. God bless us all!

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  1. You keep fixing things and Robert may not let you leave in October. Too handy to not keep around. LOL