Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Typical Italian Sunday :)

A typical Italian Sunday...morning for me was busy. Got up took care of the brats and put on a pot of Gravy which in it had beef and pork...homemade pasta ..yes, it was the gathering .  An all day feast that begins after church then sit down to some pasta followed by some beef and pork and veggies then on to salad to help you digest your meal. On to the bowl of assorted fruit..take a breather and have some coffee with dessert. Such as a huge brownie with homemade vanilla ice cream. Burp!

While you are in the sitting position you need to loosen your belt and dangle you legs as not to have them fall asleep. Hahaha.  You also get to hear all the gossip and what's the latest...and by the end of the day when all is silent get pointed in the right direction to fall forward and pray you make it to the next day. Burp!!!!!

The brats were on such good behavior ...I'm still not sure they were mine. :).  I did give a call to Saul ( our friend and vet) to arrange to have Miss Annie spayed.  I'll bring her up next Sunday for a pre check and then for surgery day..

The day in itself was a nice day and for sure a enjoyable one as well. Tonight hubby and I sat back brought out Ms Shug and watched a movie as she jumped back and forth between us playing with everything that was in her reach and getting a lot of scratching...she lets me know when it's her time and don't think of ignoring or she will break the sound barrier.

After she goes back in her cage the brats come back out and they get their turn again then given a treat and in for the night. It's the routine and you have to follow or big trouble in paradise . lol

Now it's time for my paradise.  To that big comfy bed.  Thank goodness. Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all!

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