Monday, July 28, 2014

Did Monday Sneak In?

Did Monday sneak in? Not in my life time. I was up most the night with the storm that finally ended close to 4am and the Miss Annie blew her bugle....I dragged myself out of bed took care of the brats and Ms Shug...finally by 9am I got on the couch with my blankie. My side and now my cold were Kickin arse!

I did manage to get some laundry done but that was about it..had to make a couple of calls first one to get my scripts again straightened out. Always this is an on going issue...then called the Vet's office in Florida to get all the records faxed up...then it was let me rest.

Rudy and Annie were good with that. Rudy snored while Annie nestled under my blankie...and we all had a few ours of sleep...thank goodness cause I needed it..but I took Tylenol most the day and will take it tonight before bed time.

I'm trying to get half way better so Wednesday I can get that stress test done. I don't want to reschedule anything...still have to get my rig down and get a few things done plus I have to renew my drivers license too!

Tonight I made dinner. And then climbed into my recliner with my blankie. Ye! Felt like crap!  Rudy also was a chit head he decided to Tare up the vinyl hubby just put in his crate last night..Rudy is lucky I'm not feeling well..I'd a whacked him with it! I heard hubby yell. But that don't do it....Rudy is going thru the try me stage. Wait till I feel better. I'll show him how he don't wanna try ME !!

I'm ready to call it a night. Watching the HalMark channel and I can barely hold my head up. So with that. It's. Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all...

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