Monday, July 7, 2014

The Siege Is On And On Monday

The Siege is on and on Monday.... just what I needed too !... Got up at 5am as Miss Annie is now settled in for this time... and as we all marched up to the kitchen ..then out to the patio... then back inside.

Today was a day I wasn't looking forward too... I mean I wasn't sure how this all was gonna turn out... I and Doris was going over to this Groomer's place and pick up John's two dogs..and hopefully without any major issue..

I had decided not to have her know we were coming.. as I didn't want her to alert the girlfriend (the fighting duo partner) to create a major problem..although the problem would have turned out to be hers and the groomers.. being I was following John's decision.. plus, this groomer didn't even have the right to board them in her shop.. she didn't have a license but was merely doing Jane a favor and needed money herself.

Sometimes these things can bite ya in the butt !.. Doris, a good friend and a very caring woman...been in poodles almost all her life and has rescued Jane's dogs from years ago .. when Jane neglected and abandoned them in someone else's care..seems these things come back to haunt people..and Jane's nasty attitude with the boyfriend (the other fighting partner) telling him she'd have them put down.. Lord help us !

So as Doris and I showed up at the groomer's I had John call her to tell her we were coming to pick them up and pay her off.. she (the groomer) was in total shock and wanted to know "Why".. just as we walked in the shop we were hearing her challenge John and Doris butted in.. LOL.. (good for Doris) and just simple said, " Miss, it's because John can't afford it".. and then I chimed in... "The man has no money and can barely make ends meet much less pay $20  a day"  WE are here to bring them to a place where their care is going to be "Free" through the kindness of this person's heart.. Let me know how much John owes you and I'll pay you off and we'll be on our way"..

The groomer was totally at a loss and then said,  "Well, I'm not prepared, and the dogs are in rough shape and need a bath and to be groomed, can I please do that .. I won't charge anything for it ".. I looked at Doris and we both asked, "How long will this take" ..and she replied , "I can have them ready by 3:30pm".. well that was very nice of her and Doris and I both shook our heads YES!   I then asked how much did John owe and she told me.. I was going to pay her and asked her for a receipt.. with that she asked, "Does Jane know".. which Doris replied .."It's none of Jane's business, these are John's dogs"... Hello there Momma !!!  I almost bust out laughing.. cause Doris did come on very strong... Good for you Doris !!!

Now mind you this groomer really didn't do anything wrong as she got stuck in the middle by Jane and she certainly didn't want any trouble.. and I could understand that too...but I was prepared for the unexpected.. thank goodness things went well.. however our day was a long one.. and we had to come back and pick the dogs up then deliver them and then head home..

I had Doris come stay at my home as this woman had to drive an hour and a half to my home and to go back and come back again was gonna be too much for her.. Doris is battling Pancreatic Cancer and going through Chemo.. she has the heart of a caring and understanding and she has helped Jane out so many many times.. but this was the last straw... Doris had rescued dogs from Jane years ago when Jane again had a "herd" and was putting them with others to watch while she was doing her business and not coming back to even check on them... so this is something that seems to have been an on going issue from years ago..  which I never knew..

The outcome went through well..haven't heard from Jane but I do expect her to get nasty and then I will finally end this well as what Doris will do also.. as for John.. I did tell him he needs to get a "Nice Pill" and appreciate what people have done for him and his dogs.. and stop being such a nasty person.. Don't know if that will change..but he should thank God for all what took place and pray that he'll have a few good years to love his dogs..

For me, I thank God for the people I've met and have helped me get through all this as well.. and give me strength to get my arse in gear for tomorrow we still have to get things done in the house and pack up.. so we can be on the road by Wednesday..

Now I'm so ready for bed.. and I am gonna thank God there was no major problems and all of us made it through this day.. I also ask for prayers for Doris as she continues on with her battle with Pancreatic Cancer..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All ..

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