Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Not Lost, Just Found On Wednesday

Not lost, just found on Wednesday....yes, I made it home safely but have been too wiped out to even think..was happy to pull I our driveway but when I walked into the house...Ouch!  My kitchen faucet was broke.....hello does one manage to work without a kitchen faucet...not easy that's for sure.

Our trip home was an adventure from the get go..everything went wrong and by the time we got everything loaded and pushed off it was close to 6pm which meant I was gonna have to drive at night..not a good thing for me as I have trouble seeing at night and you all know hubby won't drive the rig...

We got into Brunswick, Ga at 11pm yes, in the dark and I white knuckled it the last 2 hours..I won't do that again!!!!  Plus the rain came down and training pups to potty on a leash was another winner!
However, hubby had to walk them as I wasn't able too.

Left Ga, around 9ish and drove close to 6 hours and got into Lotta, South Carolina...that wasn't bad at all and a straight fact I got a good rest that day...once we get there we fill up with gas get parked and we are good for the night..put the one slide open and lay on the couch..the brats started to get in the swing and liking it...

I parked way in the back and as we drove back we saw a bunch of truckers sitting out on a couch and a few arm chairs and as I looked at the truck it was a movin van. Hahaha wonder whose furniture it was. But they did later on pack it back up I'm sure nicely. Hahaha. Makes ya wonder though..

It poured later that night and way into the morning...pushed off close to 10Am and drove 6 1/2 hours into Carmel Church, of my favorite places..again set up and took a nice nap then had dinner...the brats now got the routine down and are really doing great..

The last part of the trip was very long in fact too long as we had gads of traffic in the Washington, Baltimore area..too much traffic...stopped finally and had dinner with my long time on line friend Paulette at Cracker Barrell and enjoyed dinner and laughs. Then pushed off and visited with my friend Mary. And in the morning had breakfast with Mary, Dee, and Alan...

Then it was the long ride home in traffic again through Philly...but we did detour and go up the Jersey home and unloaded most of the stuff but still had a few more to go..

The next few days I sorted and vegged  out. The brats are getting use to the house and I. Just functioning slowly.  So here I am ready for bed fave a quick recap and I'm sure I'll remember a few things I forgot to mention...but for now it's. Good night and sweet dream

Safe travels and as always. God Bless us all !!!!!

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