Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Nothing Day On Saturday :)

A nothing day on Saturday :)... Yes, that's what it was.. Hubby decided being that he was "spent" he needed a NOTHING kind of Day.. and I agreed..with my ice pack to my jaw..:)

Morning was "Gotta get up".. although I was dragging from taking a pain pill the night before..well half one .. as I'm not good with pain meds.. so when I got up I was in slow motion...the brats were full steam ahead...but they did slow down for me...

Also they were really very good.. I mean when they came in from outside they were l like "Angels".. not a race, or a wrestle match was put into motion.. HUH?>  I thought I must be still dreaming.. but hubby was still sleeping and I guess they decided.. we'll be good for now..Works for me :)

Most of the day hubby was just leaning back and we did some chatting..well he did .. I listened as I wasn't much for talking..only to say, "I'm hungry".. hahaha.. and my milk shakes weren't too bad and my pasta zupa wasn't bad either..but boy I could sure like something to chomp down on.. but that will come soon..

Had a heavy rain fall and hubby and I watched it also got into watching the humming birds do their thang at the feeder.. and even watched the Woodpecker come to the feeder.. neat.. and we just grabbed every moment we could cause tomorrow we have to start loading up..

So that's really what my day was.. but as for the fighting duo.. it's a nightmare..she still is fighting and being a nasty person..he's too weak and calls me and cries.. hard call ..there is not a win on this ..only two people that have made everyone around them work will soon be done for John and I pray that he will get his strength back to go through the next surgery..

I've made some arrangements for his dogs to be taken care of without costing him a fortune.. so Monday I and Doris will go to where they are and bring them to their new place till John is able to take care of them.. and that will be another fight to the finish with his "true love"..

So now I'm ready for bed and will be ready for tomorrows action.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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