Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yikes! We Were Busy On Tuesday

Yikes !  We were busy on Tuesday... early up and my list was in my hand...let hubby sleep a few extra hours.. and then the race was on... The Brats played some but I had to put them up and out of our way as we unloaded the freezer..

In and out..boy my legs were talking back.. then it was grab all the food storage bins.. then cookies..hahaha.. oh yeah then Ms Shug's group of goodies and toys.. can't leave with out them.. NEVER ...

Then it was break time as we plopped down on the couch.. let the brats out to play and have their lunch cookie.. then potty and back in their crates and on to the next stage.. it seemed like it was endless..

Frig was next as I filled up all the water bottles.. OMG... I was like Niagara Falls.. it kept coming.. more I filled the more there was.. then the plain water.. we have 5, 6 gallon jugs.. washed them out and filled them with plain water..for the sink.. as I decided not to fill the holding tank.. this way when we need to have water we have it... as we do take our showers at the Flying J's ..

One less major job to do.. and because we are use to doing it this way being from the North and being winterized it's no biggy.. if we pull in a campground we direct hook up.. but we only plan on going from Flying J to Flying J..

My list is almost done but for a few things.. and I have Bonnie coming over tomorrow to help.. as I'll have her to vacuum and that's a big help..plus the beds will be stripped and turn the mattress.. was the dog beds too..

I'll also give her a list of things I'll need her to take care of for me while I'm gone.. and she's wonderful.. and a great caterer... and she'll also help with John to in getting others to help out.. which is a big help and load off my mind as well.

Now I have to call the Rehab where John is at as his crazy girlfriend is really causing him a lot of pain.. I'll speak with the Social Worker and see if she can intervene.. I had several calls from John today with that mess...can't imagine anyone could be so nasty.. but I learn something everyday..

Need to get to bed.. and have an early start tomorrow.. hopefully we'll be able to push off by 2pm... Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All 

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