Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Gathering Of The Goods On Sunday

A gathering of the goods on Sunday... as it was we brought the motor home over and when I walked inside and looked at the crates I had the heaviest heart.. I knew this day was gonna be a difficult one.. as my Big Boy, Zeke was not with me..nor my little ole gal, Ms Reba..

I couldn't hold back the tears.. I guess it was the first full day I could actually let it go..and I sure did.. I mean my heart hurt.. I was going to be leaving without him for the first time in 10 years and for Ms Reba 18 years.. One never does realize how much your life revolves around these wonderful loving creatures given to you to grow into your heart .

My hubby came in the rig and just sat down...he knew this was going to be my hardest day...he just came up beside me and held me.. I don't know how long I sat there...but I do know my kids were are still are so much apart of me..

After parking the rig in the driveway, it actually felt good .. I mean I loved my rig and enjoyed those many many trips I took in her.. and how at home it is and will always be.. I just wished I had my health to be able to travel those roads again.. just parking where ever you find peace.. and those gorgeous sunsets.. those wonderful parks.. I sure do miss them.

Then into the house to start loading her up.. as my list is together and filling all those spaces.. goodness I'm getting the edge again.. and before I know it.. we'll all be packed and ready.. LOL

Bonnie came over this afternoon .. she made a cake for us and brought some BBQ Pork.. Wow it was delish!..She's a great cook and does catering, plus cleaning houses.. She's raising her grandson .. and God Bless her she has a heart of gold.. She'll be taking care of my home and I feel good again..just like Diane and Bob..

The brats were a little upset with a lot of the time they had to be put up .. not to get in our way of carrying things out.. and later on they had their out time and fun time.. cause ya know.. keeping these brats up can be dangerous when let loose.. like cannons  LOL  BOOM>.!!

Tomorrow I have another full day but in the morning I have to meet Doris to go over and pick up John's dogs..this is going to be a scene..  Another fight happened and according to him.. Jane had threatened to put his dogs down.. and when he called me crying.. I called Doris to find his pooches a place to stay that wouldn't cost him a fortune of money he doesn't have ..and out of Jane's control..

Jane has been calling me for days and I haven't answered.. I just don't want anything more to do with this kind of nonsense.. and after I get John all settled I'm done with the pair.. this has been a horrible experience. Some things I could let them get away with.. but this went beyond me..!

Now it's time to get to bed.. and on with the show.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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