Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Boy Am I Late For Tuesday

Boy am I late for Tueday.  Ok, so I fell asleep...I was just so dang tired. I mean the brats had this thing going. They were full of the devil and as I crated them they even yelled louder than a coyote .

Morn was wild with Rudy catching his foot in the cage door. He'll there was a brutal scream that I woke up out of a dead sleep. My heart was pounding hard ( hey Doc, I just had my stress test)...when I finally got the crate door open he was calmed down and his foot was loose and no major injury. Thank goodness!

Appearently Rudy had stuck his foot through the bars while sleeping on his back and must have turned and it got stuck. Now he was a lucky I'm gonna have to use a longer crate..which I have but need to get a replacement pan..

So the whole house woke up at 4ish and I made sure his leg was ok I think Rudy even liked the extra he was really playing up to it big time. :). He's quite the Momma's boy now. LoL

I surely Know that sometime that day a nap was coming into place...for us all....cause most of the day as I tried to do things I dragged through it.   More like slow motion without the poetry.

Got a call from Bonnie ( my housekeeper) as she told me that John ( of the fighting duo) signed himself out of rehab with his feeding tube still in place and also picked up his two dogs and was going to stay in his house...Lonnie was driving him around using John's car.  John also request his things back of which I had ...keeping them for him...

John has been not wanting to follow anyone's help and now that he and Jane made up again now really doesn't want anyone's help and he thinks she's's how these two feed off each now I wash my hands of them both and even blocked their calls..more like good riddance!

Could it really be that simple?  Not sure but I do hope and pray that he gets medical help as he still has to have surgery and is not well.  You know that saying, " you can lead a horse to water".  So be it!!!

Most of the day then just dragged on. I made another dinner using my NuWave Oven. And I'm enjoying the  no fuss no muss and no I continue to learn the neat technique.

Later hubby and I watched America's got talent as I fell asleep. Then come too wee morning hours. And here I am. Finishing up my blog. Shame on me. :)

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all.

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