Saturday, July 26, 2014

Here We Are Sitting On Saturday

Here we are sitting on Saturday. I woke up not feeling great....and because I pushed the limit. Yes indeed my one to blame but ME!

Got up way before 4am because Miss Annie wanted it her way and while I was up I was having my bout with diverticulitis ..oh yeah that bugger slapped me up side my head...most of the day I didn't have a choice but to take it easy. Well as much as I could..

First it looked like we were gonna have rain then just a little but the rest of the day worked out ok..thank goodness ..however I'm still not up to par..ouch and tomorrow evening we will take Annie up to be checked over before scheduling her spaying...

So now as it's evening I'm still a little behind the weather....and yep, I sure will go easy for awhile and stop on the healthy nuts that are doing my arse in!!!

Now I need to call it a night and those traveling stay safe and God bless us all.

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