Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ok A Wash Out Wednesday

Ok, a wash out Wednesday.... My morning was just ok, I really wasn't much of anything..seems like every time I turned around things just went South. Is it Oct yet?

Called to vet in Florida to get Annie and Rudy's vaccine records as this Sunday we take Miss Annie up to Saul's to get check pre spaying.. She's a sweet gal and because she is not being shown I want to make sure no accidents happen and her getting spayed is the right thing to do..

Rudy when I go back to Florida will start being shown. He is really coming into his own..every day as I look at him I'm seeing him maturing..his body alone shows his muscle tone and his head as it broadens is looking really impressive...

My phone alarm kept going off warning of a severe storm and yep! Just as I started watching Big Brother the picture started going in and out. Always. LoL

So now as the rain is coming I'm gonna shut things down and try to get a good nights sleep. Yes this is short and sweet....

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all...

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