Thursday, July 3, 2014

"D" Day ! On Thursday

"D" Day on Thursday... YIKES.. it's the big day for my visit with the Reconstructive Surgeon on my Jaw..HELLO MOMMA.... but at least it will be done and I can go home ..heal and get all my teeth fixed and corrected..AMEN !

Morning was a little hectic as my brats were so busy and just didn't want to settle down and as I was fixing their breakfast at 7am the phone rang and it was the Dentist (Surgeon) calling to see if I could come in earlier.... Now I sure wished they called me the night before cause I would have been at their doorstep wanting to get this overwith..

However, I had to decline.. I mean I was fixin breakfast and I knew with the pups, if I were to leave ..I'd come home to something I wouldn't want to clean after going through what I had too.. YIKES NO WAY..

By the time I got myself together I was out of the house at 10am.. and in his office by 10:30am.. yep, that nervous stomach hits..Thanks..but it's that way always.. and once they called my name.. I knew it was gonna be over soon..

The whole process took about 1 1/2 hour..but seemed like forever..though I only felt a little pressure as I was numb from my nose to my toes it seemed..and the nurse kept talking with me I could really answer.. when finished I looked a little bruised ..but mainly was the swelling that was happening.. and of course a mouthful of stitches..but no far..

Got home let the brats out and gave them their lunch cookie.. and they were happy.. my mouth full of gauze..yucko.. but I did have ice pops in the freeze.. I always have loads of them in case I'm not feeling well.. and in this case I know I'll be using them

Later I put the brats up so I could lay down as I needed too.. I felt that strange I took a 2 hour nap.. my discomfort was only slight and the Novocain seem to be warring off slightly... I mean this was really going slowly.. which was fine with me..

Tonight I just had an ice pop.. as I no longer had the gauze in my mouth and my face is some what swollen..but that will go done.. I have an ice pack..a little bit of throbbing..and I'll take a pain pill when I go to bed.. haven't had one all day..

Had several calls and even though I told them ..don't call cause I won't be able to talk..they called.. hahaha.. and of course I couldn't hardly talk.. but was nice of them..

Hubby will be here tomorrow and thank goodness I can get a day to myself as he'll take care of the brats.. he'll love that.. but he's good about that.. and I need that day.. to rest up. It will be good to see him..although I can't eat LOL.. and he'll be hungry.. plenty in the frig.. I'll watch.. :(

It's bed time and the brats went in willingly.. the rain has been off and on.. and a few loud bangs too..but I'm really worn out.. soooooo those traveling Stay Safe and as always.. God Bless Us All

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