Sunday, July 27, 2014

I'm Surviving On Sunday

I'm surviving on Sunday...woke up still with that ache on my left side. Dragged through the day. Had plans of taking the brats up to Saul, our vet..for pre exam for Miss Annie before her being spayed.

However by the time the appointment grew near I wasn't feeling that well so hubby took Annie and Rudy up..Rudy needed to get weighed 100lbs. Right on and Miss Annie came in at 55.7 lbs. they is growing nicely...

I took it easy and made sure I ate bland and light. Lord knows I don't want to have any major problems    Dealing with diverticulitis is a pain in itself.....and when it flairs it knocks you down a few pegs..

By evening time I'm also getting whack with a cold. What is happening ?  I'm trying to keep on top of it as this Wednesday I have a stress test scheduled. Joy to the world!!!!

Watched Big brother and took some Tylenol and I'm ready for bed...yeah another short deal but when you feel like crap. There's nothing you even care to write about..

So those traveling stay safe and God bless us all...

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