Monday, November 10, 2014

Woe Is Me On Monday

Woe is ME on Monday ....morning was another up and down and in and out..but I got in at least an other hour sleep..that means a lot...but as Monday was laundry...and I usually put the first load in when I let the brats out..sure helps matters...then as my day progresses I'm done early and can do my usual..fall backwards LOL

Rudy's bags are packed and now we are waiting on word from Randy as to what time to bring him up Tuesday... I know Randy has got to be dragging cause I remember those days..seems like yesterday but there not!..However, you feel like a Zombie !!!

Most of the day was just getting the house straightened and watching fall apart..little by little as the brats romp and play.. I keep forgetting that they are still pups..but MONSTERS!...but I am as they get a little to wild putting them in their crates and they actually take a nap for at least an hour.. I get them breaks when I can..

Got my Director chair in from Mary today and it's very comfy so I'll bring that to the dog show on least I know I can sit in it and get back up..even has a place to store stuff and a tray that pulls up from the side.. I really like it.. color's ok..but it's all she had left...and won't be getting any more these were things we sold at the dog I went searching and found them on Amazon..(but of course) and when I head home I'll order a few more as I will be having a get together with my niece sometime in July maybe the end..

Evening rolled in and I watched the Voice and played with Ms Shug..she's getting back closer to me..even let me snuggle and she gave me just a little kiss..aaaah that felt good.. she's such a sweetheart..

Joined another Parrot group on FB to learn more on some are really out of my league.. I mean I just can't go into all those exotic grains..and weird fruits.. first off Ms Shug won't even do I know.. I know Ms Shug...but I am gonna try a few things..she might like if not major waste cause that's what most is..

She likes her hard boiled egg chopped will eat broccoli and a few other veggies but mainly she likes them what I eat she eats..we share LOL..hey but she's eating..that's all that matters and I still feel the dehydrated veggies and fruits works out major mess..

Tonight watched the Voice..that's such a great group of talented singers and I love the cantor that goes on between the judges..they are not degrading each other or the singers..

Now I'm ready for bed and my brats got their bug juice on them tonight and their treat and we are all ready to tuck in..on with tomorrow ..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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