Monday, November 3, 2014

And Monday Rolls On In

And Monday rolls on in...smack dab in the middle..I woke up..not willingly but Miss Annie was baying at the night light..yep! I do think she thinks it's the MOON...however, we all got up..and as soon as they did their thing...I hauled their butts back to bed...NO WAY was I only gonna get a few hours sleep..I done made up my mind..from now on ..Hahaha..yeah, till something else changes..well I can think about it anyway..:)

For the second coming..hahaha..I mean time I got up the brats were just in rare fact you could feel the thunder as they romp through the house and if you know what's good for you...You get out of town..!!!

Once they get it out of their's safe...well for a short time anyway...Don't cha just love puppy time ?????? Got Ms Shug fed and brats done and then I was off to WalMart..YUCKO !

Now I can't believe how lately Walmart is looking like trash..the stuff they have in their...not of great quality so when you go looking becareful.. I picked up the water filter couldn't find appliance bulbs and forget about the covers for the bolts on the toilet.. I'll have to get that at either Ace Hardware or Lowes..

Then I went over to pick up some chicken thighs for the brats (you all know mine get fed raw 3 times a week) anyway they were selling Tyson brand..and I don't use that.. I know too many horror stories from their Plant and recalls thankyou!.. so I will have to go to either Publix or Winn Dixie..and then as I went searching I just didn't like what they had out there..

Now you'd think being in the Villages this place would have some dynamite items..NO I did pick up some bread and a few things not much...however, I did on the way back treat myself to a Hardee's burger..Yes Mam!..It was delicious..and home I went to let my brats out and give them their lunch cookie and Ms Shug her goodie too..

So again tomorrow I'll have to go out or maybe the next day..what ever not in a big hurry as I do have another weeks supply for the brats.. and perhaps I'll cook up some sausage and cook some peppers and onions..sounds like a plan..

I do know it's dusting time again..dang it..but gots to be done and that darling vacuum battle..haha..yeah the house work...something I always dread and have no choice..Yes! I admit I'm not domestic..but I'll work my butt off making a living..must be from my childhood I had to do so much of it...

Tonight watched the Voice..I'm liking several..very talented...and then I had Ms Shug out for a long the brats got into another squabble..don't know what that's about..but not going to happen...I think perhaps Rudy is just not taking Miss Annie's bunk any more.. I can't say I blame him..she is a twit !!

Ok, that's my saga for today...a little boring...but a break never the less..and of course my mornings are a blast...I mean I should wear a seat belt as the brats race through the house..the wind alone can almost knock you off your socks..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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