Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Peaceful And Quiet Sunday !

A peaceful and quiet Sunday !...Morning was just a bit confusing for Miss Annie as she got up the old time in her mind ..5:30am..instead it was 4:30am..but look had it been before we turned the clocks back I would have been praising her...soooooooooooooo it's deal with it and be happy it wasn't earlier..:)

We all went out and it was a bit brisk, hey! this is Florida folks..the land of Sunshine and Orange Juice..but not this morning cause I know it was Minute was cold for us..and the brats went quickly and back into the warm fact we all kind up tucked in...

I watched the Rodeo take place on the couch with my blankie..I wasn't movin to quickly and their running was causing too much of a breeze.."Quit it!"..hahaha..yeah like they really listen..but eventually they settle down..then it's put on my pot of coffee and do my sorting of the pills of life ..the colors of the rainbow..

I had planned to go to Walmart or Lowes but because it wasn't really warm out I decided to wait a day or so... as Miss Annie took the caps off the bolts that hold the toilet in place..good thing I don't have to fasten my seatbelt  :)..anyway I have to pick up a few spares..seems she thinks they are marbles..LOL

Couldn't watch the Eagles game ..darn it..but did find out they won 31-21..not bad...then I wound up watching movies I had taped and kind of just took a was that kind of weather..Did cook up a roasting chicken on my NuWave Oven and I'll make a pot of chicken soup later this week too..

Might as well get prepared cause me thinks we'll be having more cold blasts..brrrrrrrr I'm so not wanting those..better get out my hunting socks..the heavy ones and the long ones..they sure do keep your feet and legs warm..

Although I didn't go anywhere I get to enjoy looking out those big windows and the birds were flying in for food..neat watching for me it was really a nothing kind of day and a relaxing one..

I'll be waiting to hear from Randy as to when to bring Rudy up or if he will come here and pick  him up.. I'm sort of excited but then again..I've done this so much in my life I thought I'd not any more..never say never..cause it will come up and bite ya !

So that's my story for today and now it's turn on that electric blanket and get that bed warm...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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