Saturday, November 1, 2014

Here's Saturday ,

Here's Saturday, and it's Nov. 1st and to top that one off its turn the clocks back and hour at midnight and I can't wait cause I hopefully get an hour extra !!!!!

Morning for me was up wee early get the brats out and hen round up their arses and get back to bed...I refuse to stay up now..I finally got the message in my head to get more rest...maybe cause I'm getting older and my bones hurt more or because these two young brats are wearing me out...big time!

Tonight I decided to write on my iPad as I wasn't in the mood to wrestle with IE explorer. I mean I struggled last night to type on my blog and it was not going to happen. It took me a half hour to even post a picture..Sucks!!!

Today wasn't a much kind of day..first off it was chilly and the wind blowing well it's not my favorite kind of weather...and then the brats must have eaten dynamite cause they were getting into it often. So I marched their arses into their crates...hopefully Miss Annie will get the message. She is really the culprit and goofy duffus Rudy goes back at her..he no longer is tolerating her attack and she does attack...Wench!!!

I don't know how I even managed to put the crock pot on. I mean I had so many interruptions "Gang Busters".  But I did..I made baked potato soup and it was good too. With the chill in the air. It was good !

Tonight I just mainly played with Ms Shug..well more like cuddled. I had her cage half covered due to the cold coming in and out the door. She wasn't happy about it. But it was a I gave her some good cuddling and she was enjoying it..

Nothing much on TV really so I watched a classic. To be or no to be with Jack Benny and Carol Lombard. Enjoyed it and then made a hot you know it's getting chilly. Even set the thermostat for heat and turned on electric blanket to warm the bed..oh yeah I'm ready..

Gonna get ready to let the brats out and turn on dishwasher set clocks back and take my night pills and then it's bed time and get cozy watch Saturday Night Live and enjoy the slumber party. Hahahaha

Going to post a couple pictures of my boy Rudy. He starts his show career on Nov 12th.  I'm excited for him but now a nervous Momma.  Oh boy never thought I'd be doing this again. Yes! I'm proud of him ...he's a. Sweet and Gentle Giant...

So with that it's safe travels and God Bless us all..

Rudy with the Hubby as we were stopped at Brunswick, Ga..

Rudy doing what he does best...Watching TV...this boy loves watching TV for hours LOL.

Another glimpse of Rudy looking at some big truck that had horses in it..He loves horses !!
My big boy Rudy at my feet...Yes! Watching TV...OH !  But of course   :)

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