Friday, November 14, 2014

I Had To Do It On Friday

I had to do it on Friday....that's right I had so much to get done and pick up and although I was suffering with the tummy problem..I had to do it !

Last night was a rough go for I was up and down with a tummy problem..don't know why..maybe just one of those 24 hour jobs..but never the less I was definitely Queen for the Day and Evening too.. My Thrown was busy !

When I finally fell asleep Miss Annie woke I heard her growling.. she has never growled in the night or any time bed time I was kind of concerned..perhaps a animal I opened her crate and she jumped in bed with me..she lay at the foot of my bed and never moved..but off and on I would hear her growl..

Come morning I woke her up to go out and then back to bed we both went.. I just still wasn't feeling that great and while I could take advantage of my bed I was going too !

Once we finally got up I fed the crew and just had a cup of tea and toast got dressed as I was on a mission..LOL..and even Miss Annie came along in fact she was so excited she was leaping into the car before I got there..thank goodness for automatic doors..LOL

We went to Tractor Supply to pick up Rudy's food and I grabbed a bag of Annies as it was a couple of bucks cheaper..and this way I didn't have to worry about Annies either..then on to the other supply place and picked up chew toys and biscuits for Rudy and Annie..then on to Publix as I needed a few things and I also had to pick up chicken for Rudy.. Home bound we went..

Got in the house and I was busy washing the chicken and vacuum sealing it then into the freezer..then I did up the food in packages..what I had left ..but left the full bag in the car..I was done bagging..LOL  made my list up what had to be going and also grabbed the heart worm and the flea meds as well..

Before long it was dinner time.. and I wasn't hungry.. just didn't want any more problems so I drank some fluids and that was the crew fed and Ms Shug out for a bit..then Annie came out and started to play with her toys..she definitely misses Rudy..

Tomorrow morning I have to leave really early ..load the car and Annie and off we go to the dog show.. I'm only going to stay till Rotties are shown and then Randy will help me load this into his rig..I do plan on going back up on Sunday to see Rudy and say my "so longs" till he comes back home some time in Dec..gosh I do hope he'll be home for Christmas..

Now I'm ready for bed.. exhausted and hope I have no more stomach issues.. but I do feel weak so I will make sure I take it easy.. no way wanting any more problems.. with that... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

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