Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Tuesday Showed Up !

My Tuesday showed up !...Morning as usual with the up and down and back to bed and in my mind I kept thinking I was gonna be sending my big boy off to grow up ...and be a show dog...ouch!  Yes! my heart felt the agony of him leaving..

So on went my day and I hadn't heard from Randy..my heart started to pound a little harder worrying.. Dumb as it was ..but knowing Rudy had to be trained and Wednesday was his first show...OUCH again big time.. but later on that morning I talked with Randy..he really sounded tired...been that route doing shows and making time to get to another...and hauling the other dogs..stopping to let them out every few hours..it's a really tough haul..

Finally our last talk was he wasn't going to be in Ocala till like maybe 4ish...UH OH !... now for me I have a problem..mainly that it gets dark early and my eye sight is not good...I can not drive at night...so as I spoke with Randy I told him my dilemma ..he said, "he'd do his best to try and get in by 3pm"...NO! NO! don't do that.. I'll worry, I told him...

So I thought who could I call to help me...and finally I'd give it a try and my neighbor who moved into the other part of the park here.. Holly...so I called her and she agreed to help me... OH MY STARS!  I'm so thankful..so at 4pm..she and I took off with Rudy and Annie in the car..

Took us about maybe 40 minutes to get their and drove in and found Randy ..he was exercising dogs..my heart sunk again..cause I was gonna be saying bye to my big boy...so as Randy came over to the van he was laughing..I guess I was showing the sadness..hahaha..

Also he cracked up that I packaged Rudy's food..so he didn't have to measure..wasn't I a good Mommy :)  and then as he looked at Rudy he then said, "You know I'm not coming home from Alabama, I'm going on to Texas Rottie Specialty"...UH OH and then ..he said, "then on too" ..now I never heard that part I was numb...along with.. " We have to enter Rudy by tomorrow"..OH MY !!!!....I looked at Rudy...I could feel my eyes getting a little watery..and then I said, "Randy, you know what's best"..

Holly was smiling..she was enjoying all the dogs in the xpens and then all those big rigs ...she's never been to a dog show..and she also felt very comfortable with Randy...Randy is a very likeable person..and does one hell of a job showing..he's been doing it since he was a kid.. I felt comfortable as well..

Oh when Randy opened Rudy's crate he came right out to Randy and didn't even give it a second thought...and I heard Randy say, "Hey Miss Annie"..then "come on big boy" and Rudy just followed Randy...didn't even look back at me..:(

So now my big boy is caught up into the show dog world..growing up before my eyes...Miss Annie wasn't happy as she surely misses Rudy...on the way home I had Holly drive as I can not really see well..Miss Annie was quiet..and when we got to the house..she walked ever so calmly.. as I had asked her.. "Miss Annie, take it easy for me"..she did...surprise surprise..

It's quiet in the house and Annie ate her dinner but kept looking in Rudy's crate then as I let her out she searched the run too...came back inside and laid by my feet...when it was time for Ms Shug to come out..Annie went right in her crate not a peep...

Now bed time and Annie is quiet laying in her crate and I feel so bad for her..but maybe this is something that was needed to get her trained..so after this week the training will begin...

It's bed time and tomorrow I have to be on the road by 7am..so me and Annie take another ride as it's too long of a day to leave her home...I'll be nervous but surely hope Rudy just behaves himself..

So with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..and Rudy too :)

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