Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hells Bells It's Saturday

Hells bells it's Saturday and again we have the morning wake up but this time it wasn't Miss was Rudy Tootie...the poor boy had an upset tummy and I figured it was from their out we all went and then Rudy laid in bed with me..he's a hugger and he's be great on cold nights..but as for Miss Annie...she's a worm a wiggly worm..not at all good to cuddle..good lord by the time she got done I felt I was on a boat hitting the high waves.. so I dropped her overboard and with out a life jacket...hahaha

We all finally went back to sleep I'm just not able to deal with these short hours of sleep.. I'm dragging most the day and falling off when I set down..not a good thing..although my Grandma use to say.."When your body is tired lay down and rest"..and she lived till 91..mmmm sounds good Momma !

This morning I did hardboiled eggs (hubbys says" Not ") well ok, air boiled then my NuWave and they came out great and then later on I did up baked potatoes to use for later on.. like making gnocchi..:)

I'm really liking this NuWave and the fact no major clean's simple just make sure you line pan underneath with foil to catch the grease..and the only thing you clean is the rack and of course wipe out the biggy and you don't have to stand over a stove and watch like a hawk..Now that's the nice and easy stuff too..

As for my brats I've finally decided I'm gonna ride hide on them..and the way I'm doing it is.. crating them.. They don't stop and listen they get put up.. and today they were up more than out..but each time they got a little better..Now Miss Annie..well she's a dog of another persuasion...When Rudy goes off with his trainer..the heavy hand is dropping down.. She is going to listen ...and she isn't going to be happy..

Now I love her upbeat and sweetness...but her craziness is uncontrollable so that has to stop.. I'm not really that strong anymore my legs just won't balance me and my hands are getting it's now or never...

I know if I would have just one at a time it would have been a lot different..but I'm a person of my word and I just could not go back on it..I do love them both but Oh My STARS !!...they really do a number on me..

Somedays I think how lucky I've been to have had so many critters and never had two like these..Rudy himself is calmer but Miss Annie puts him in the ozones and off to the races they go..and don't be in their won't be standing..truly..

Tonight as I had Ms Shug out she and I fell asleep on the couch..she loves to cuddle but she's not giving kisses..she misses my hubby..sad she has bonded with him only now..but she is good with me..and for that I'm I told him if I saw she wasn't doing well I'd have to make sure she stayed home with him.. her happiness is important to me... but thank goodness..maybe she'll get better ..sure hope so.. but I still love the bundle of white fluff..

Now I'm ready for bed and it's raining and suppose to all night long and part of tomorrow..we do need the rain..however, I don't like that damp feeling in your bones.. I do have the heat on ..but it's not come on as the house is warm ..but during the wee hours if the temp drops ..the heat will come on.. I have it set at 68..but my electric blanket is on warming my bed.. feels good on my legs..

So with that.. Safe travels to all and as always God Bless Us All..

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