Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ok, The Weeks Movin' On Wednesday

Ok, the weeks movin' on Wednesday....I can't believe how quickly this week is flying out the door... I mean next Wednesday Rudy will be shown ...his first time in the ring and at a specialty no less...OH MY !!!

Morning for me again was...Miss Annie calling my name..and we all rise to the it or not !!! NOT...but we got up and then if I can round them brats up before they go into their free for all.. we can get another hour far so good..Yeeeeeee Hawwwwww!

I got a little ambitious..hahaha..yeah I got off my duff and I did cook a roasted chicken and even made a batch of cookies..Lord help me..and my new coffee pot..well it works but it has to get that more intense coffee flavor as it ages..

Great day really..and even the brats were a little bit better..I waited for the implosion..I mean it could really happen at any given moment..but it went well today..that means make up mess tomorrow..OMG!

Called the Vet's office today to make sure I get Rudy his booster and Annie hers as my appointment is for Friday at 10am..and the gals know..come out and rescue me hahaha..

Worked on my blankie and it's just about finished all but the edging..then I have to start working on a cowl for a Christmas of my nieces' daughter...and then I'm just gonna leave my hands rest as I have my big blanket to finish..only have like maybe 14 rows and then edge that as well..

Tonight watching the CMA awards and taping Survivor..and then I'm calling it a with that..those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All

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