Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hubby's Birthday On Sunday :)

Hubby's birthday on Sunday :) and as soon as he called me I wished him a big one !!..I would have called but I knew to let him sleep he was so tired from working on Saturday...the man works, works, works..and comes home and crashes..not good! Hopefully one of these mornings he'll say, "He's had enough and fly on down"..that would be nice !

Up early but not as early as it has been however, I am getting them brats in the hang of going back to bed and sleeping some more..hey, I need my rest as they wear me out..big time!

Today I packed Rudy's dog food up.. I was just gonna buy a big bag and send it off with him..but I decided to dish it out in servings making it easier for Randy with of course Rudy's 2 cookies LOL..but by the time I got done I figured out how much I packed..75 cups worth..OMG !

Then I got the gloomy feeling my boy is going off and I'll be left with the She Demon...Lord give me strength cause she is more than a handful..she can go without stopping..hopefully though she and I will get that.."who is the boss " don't right ...and she'll be a little more under control..

I wore myself out pretty much from yesterday and today that I just gave up after dinner.. I mean I just had to lean back and take it easy..this year for me is really being a hard one.. I hope it changes..I don't like the feelings I'm getting..not sure if it's from the bad spell I had before coming down and I didn't realize how it left me..

Got Ms Shug done early tonight and had her out for awhile as I cleaned her cage and then I got the brats done early too.. so I'm now just back in the bedroom and everyone is all put up.. it's an early call tonight..

Tomorrow is my trash day and I've been gathering it all up tonight so in the morning it's easier for me as well..then I'll start laundry early.. want to get as much as I can cause Tuesday I bring Rudy up to Randy and Wednesday is the show..

So with that note I'm gonna say, "Safe travels to all and as always God Bless"

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