Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What A Fantabulous Day On Wednesday

What a fantabulous day on morning was hectic.. Annie and I got up at 5am..she still is quiet unsure of what's happening and missing Rudy big time..

I got dressed and ready before I fed Ms Shug and even gave Miss Annie a light breakfast..had the car packed and we left the house by 7:30am..the traffic wasn't bad and I got in easily and parked in the handicap spot till Randy came up and had me move over in front of the ring..but in the woods area..

I had gotten a message from my friend Dawn and her brother Paul were on their way and soon to be meeting up with me...and it wasn't long before I got another message they were on the show I just called her and gave her directions and next thing I knew they were parked right up along side of me..

Miss Annie was letting everyone know she was there..any one that walked to close got greeted with a lung and a I held on to her leash..Oh YEAH!  She's definitely the "protector"...and once she calmed down she was greeting Dawn and Paul..

We all sat in front of our cars and a great spot breeze as we watched the goings on...Dawn and Paul checked to see if the food stand was open..but Dawn bravely left us..and came back with some good sandwiches..they were big !!!  but while she was gone the show started and I realized Rudy was going to be coming in the ring and I worried he might get upset seeing I hurried and got in my car and watched from it...

By the time Dawn got back Rudy was in the ring and next thing he got pulled out and was picked 3rd in the sweepstake..I was thrilled as this was his first show and only had a few hours training... Randy did a great job..After the sweeps was over Randy came over with here's where my heart dropped...Rudy didn't even care I was there ...::::::?????? :((((((((

All that worrying and that bugger pays me no mind.. Randy laughed.. but I know that Randy has for them short hours put in some time to work with Rudy and get his confidence...or maybe he's feeding some good stuff !!!! LOL

After Dawn and Paul left  there was a lunch break and then the show started.. I moved up closer as being I wasn't upsetting Rudy..heck I wanted to see more :)  so I did and OMG!  he did better the next time he got in the ring.. he wound up going 2nd in his class and the dog that won it wound up winning Open Dog..then the other dogs came back in and Rudy had to compete again for reserve winners..and he won...I was blown away..  I was just so happy he started to connect with what was happening..and in a few more shows he'll be really ready big time...he's smart and knowing what's expected of him..
That's really because Randy is an excellent handler and knows how to get the best out of him without spooking the takes good hands..

How I know that from years of my showing..being a junior handler at 13 yrs old and on to showing my dogs I bred and other people's's a lot of hard work and knowing how to get into the dogs head what you want..I'm just so tickled Pink.. I even have a picture of his Reserve Winner...yes! I'm gonna post it are you kidding me...

Here's my boy Jernan's Rudolph Valentino with Randy McAteer at Rottweiler Specialty in Ocala, Florida . "It's Only The Beginning".

Now my day is almost over and I'm beat..been a long day and exciting day and both Annie and I are with that Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All...

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