Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Resting Thursday

A resting Thursday it had to be !  Morning was a early wake up and then Miss Annie marched herself right back to bed but this time jumping in my bed...I figured well I'd give it a try...and surprisingly she slept..I think she was lonely.

Yes! it's noticeable she misses the big boy and so do I.. I find myself feeling that empty nest syndrome..but taking hold he'll be home before Christmas..and that's a good thing cause it be just me and Miss Annie..holy smokes .

I was not in that ambitious although I had to get a few things done then my stomach went on the blink..oh yeah it was you can't go no where cause you is gonna be Queen for a day..sit on your thrown..

Today also being trash day and a day I do an empty out on the frig..whats good and whats I know if I didn't feel any better I could go..right directly to the ladies room  LOL

Miss Annie was very quiet..played a little but not much and then when she went missing she was laying in Rudy's crate..Yes!!! she's missing him  :(

Also today Rudy was shown..and a little after 6pm I texted Randy how Rudy was doing..and he told me "Rudy was showing better and placed 3rd today"..I was happy to hear that Rudy is paying more attention and I figure by the end of the week he should be right on... but I'm just proud of him that he's doing good and not being difficult..but he's not a difficult dog to begin with..

Now I so ready for bed..not feeling well puts a damper on me...and I move slower which makes my day drag early to bed for me..and Miss Shug had her out time and she was happy...she snuggled big time..

With that it's those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

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