Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Repeat Of Saturday With A Little Twist For Sunday

A repeat of Saturday with a little twist for Sunday.... again we (Annie and Me) left the house by 5:30am ...still dark but this time I had a little bit of a problem..called a "raw eye".. well it felt raw..but it was red and it was my bad eye too..crap!...anyway I put a cold compress to my eye and said, "This chit I ain't putting up with"  and out the door I flew...

Annie is so good about running to the car jumpin in her crate and giving me her quick opinion....and then we head out.. got up to where my cut off was ..turned at the red light and drove and drove till I realized I hadn't seen the dog show...Double Crap!...

So I pulled over and checked on my trusty signal..What the ?????  so I did a turn around and headed back..sure enough I missed the dog show as it was lights on even where the rigs where...I was early :)

Got in and into my same spot..left the heater on and even learned how to turn my lights off..only took me 10 years LOL...and I had the seat go back as far as it could and took my shoes off and used a dog pad folded in half for a pillow up against the window..took a 20 minute nap.. and felt so much better..

Woke up and fed Miss Annie a light breakfast and then the show a seat right up at ring side and everyone was coming in.. was nice to watch.. Randy came in with Rudy..all proud my boy was..and he showed really good..again like I've said before, "that's all you can expect"..this time the judge placed him 3rd in his class...

He looks so young and needs a few more pounds on him..but other than that he's moving great with a dead level top line...and then I headed back to where Randy was as I was saying my "so longs"...and that brat didn't even look my way but for a little bit.. I had him jump in my car and see Annie..she was happy and so was Rudy...but he then looked at me like.."ok, I'm done"...hahaha..

I won't see him till some time in feels then I headed out down the road...I did a short cut here cause Randy and I and Nancy and Jerry talked about Rudy's weight and change of dog food..and of course Rudy was excited to see I'm angry LOL.. that darn dog..but I know I'm the mean one that did the yelling..hahahaha..wait till I get his arse home LOL..

So when Miss Annie and I got home she got her lunch biscuit and I fell out on the couch.. I was exhausted.. I just have a hard time doing all this again.. my legs were bothering me... and now I'm so ready for bed.. I could sleep for days ..

That's not gonna happen cause I've got a lot to catch up on.. but I will pace it's... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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