Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Beaver Struck On Thursday :(

A beaver struck on Thursday :( seems that ole Murphy kind of loves he crawled up inside Miss Annie...and as the saying would normally go, "The Devil Made Me Do It"'s "Murphy Made Me Chew It"
Feast your eyes on this GEM ! 

Now as my day was progressing so was Miss Annie..she done stepped it up a Knotch... Perhaps as my friend Paulette said, "Maybe she needed a tooth pick"  UGH!...or could it be I'm not feeding her enough fiber..HA!...but I will say this.."Miss Annie will be passing many splinters..the ones coming out and the ones that whacked her upside her ARSE!

So my morning started off rather difficult as Miss Annie (again) had her mind set to wake up at 2am...NO WAY!  I let her out along with sleepy head Rudy and once they were done...I marched their butts back to bed..I don't know what's getting into her..but I sure as shootin' know what will be bopping her very soon.

Most of my day wasn't too bad and I've been doing some cooking on my NuWave...yesterday I did a Roast Chicken which came out excellent ..Oh! I got that dang picture setups to crossing my T's it will it will be a few show and tells as my stories commence hahaha.....
Here's the bird :)
 While it was cookin' and smelling devine !
When it was finished..OH YEAH !  The only way I'll do a roasting more store bought for sure..was it ever juicy and tender..

Then today.. (I know it's the Zeee's cookin' show )...I was hungry for Italian Sausage..and I make mine the real Italian way.. with Peppers, Onions and Potatoes in Pizza bread that I get from Philly..Delicious..

 While the Sausage is cookin and the nice thing..they're not greasy but juicy as well...
Finished cooking..see the grease in the it's even healthier :) hahaha
Oh I forgot to take the picture with all the goodies in the sandwich time that I got this photo album thing to work right...wooo hooo...

Then on with my day..well as when Miss Annie did her thing ..that ruined the rest of my day..and in their crates both she and Rudy...he had traces of wood on his lips..the doofus !

Took Shug out later that night and she was just so loving..have to start taking some pictures of her..she's growing up not talking as much lately..but more wanting cuddling...

Watched the Biggest Loser..again all I can say about that program is.. I'm just amazed..and it's really wonderful that they are getting into better health..they are young and a lot ahead of them to be so huge..God Bless Them

Speaking of which.. I'm the dishwasher going and tomorrow morning I have to bring Miss Annie and Rudy to the Vet's for their booster in their Lepto vaccine...with that..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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