Friday, November 7, 2014

Oh What A Day On Friday :)

Oh what a day on was a "winner" for sure...first off Miss Annie slept an hour longer..yep! we were up at 3ish and then again I did the repeat..You wake me up this early ....we is going back to bed..and so we did....and they didn't seem to have a problem with it either..thank goodness..

But up I was at 5:45am...not bad at all..did my gathering of the flock and then feeding too..and got myself a quick breakfast of toast and coffee..and I was preparing for the big event..the Vets!!!

I finally decided with how my two youngsters are that I was gonna open the sliding door on my van and I already had the crate doors open and let Miss Annie run into it and I knew I could hold on to Rudy..(well I thought I could) and once she got in her crate which she did..I'd follow with the big boy ...Well let me tell ya that big boy is a power house and my legs are not strong at all.. I could barely walk with him as he surged forward to get to Miss Annie..OUCH!

All were in the van and I had to rest a bit.. I mean to tell legs were throbbing..and my knees gave me a message "Take a flying leap"..thank goodness my two brats don't do anything crazy as they are so anxious to get in that van..

I gave a quick call to the Vet's office to let them know I was on my the girls in their will come out and help me bring the brats in..they are really sweet about they know I'm not really able to do that much..I know the time is coming when I'm gonna say, "Off with my knees"..and I sure hope that helps..but also my hands are losing but it's a fact..

So the girls came out each grabbed a brat and into the Vet's we went and as I posted on Face book what happened I am just gonna paste it in ..I know I'm lazy but this is the way it went down LOL..

Back from the Vet's office and as it be "we" were all in for some good laughs and a few Surprises. Like how much hair a cat has on its body !!!! Omg!! This cat jumped so high I didn't see it land. Good thing she's a sweet cat. Next thing we went into the little room Doc came in and kind of scooted down on his knees to give the brats hugs. Omg!!! Doc was on the floor brats were all over him kissing and Miss Annie was sitting on his chest. HELP!!! The girls come running in.... Everyone was laughing. It was a blurr. Doc says, " he loves my brats". I'm sure poor man had a work out. Me, they knocked me out of the chair. After our visit was over we all left like wounded soldiers. I best make up some goodies and stop in and beg forgiveness. Hahaha. I'm telling you they all had a workout. Oh and Docs cat. I do believe she left her claw marks on the ceiling. But funny thing was she still came in the room when everything settled down. Now that's one brave cat!! Oh! Our next visit isn't till May 2015 when everyone can recoup .

I know that the girls and Doc will have plenty of laughs over this encounter and I'm telling you I wished I had a video of was a treasure..I could only imagine what the people in the lobby were thinking...just too much !

After I got home let the brats out and put them in their crates as with their vaccine they got they'd be a little tired and off to Publix I went..yes, I treated myself to Krisp Kreme Donuts..I earned them.. didn't do the brownies but did do the dang donuts..OMG they were good...

Later in the day I did manage to get in a nap.. I was wiped out from all the "fun"..and even the brats slept good too..and being Friday night you know not much is on TV...YUCKO..

Took Shug out for a bit and she was playful ..and just kept bopping me on the head..and laughing... I guess she feels it's her time to make funny...

Glad this day is done..cause I just am too pooped to those traveling Stay Safe and as always....God Bless Us All..

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