Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day On Tuesday !

Election day on Tuesday! Yes!  I did my duty and voted absentee..and then theirs Florida..well again that's to close to call at this moment..but the Medical Marijuana was voted down..sad for those that truly needed it...but then again according to how the bill was written..according to rumors it was more than just for medical use...don't know but again like I said, "Sad for those that really needed it's help"..

Now as for my daily event..up at 4ish and then on to do darlings justice..in fact as soon as they got done with their deposits I hauled their butts back to bed He Haw !!!... Yeppers, they went into bed easily and we slept until almost 6am..loved it..and will try again tomorrow if I can get away with it..:)

Once up I was on a mission..got brats fed ..Ms Shug done drank my last cup of coffee and out the door I went..Ace Hardware is the place to go..and so I did..got my coffee pot..thank you thank you thank you..and then even my bolt covers for my toilet..yeah team..

Went on to Winn Dixie and got a few things in and even got my appliance bulbs alrighty mighty I'm now in action again..and home I headed..unloaded and loaded in..never ending..and then it was lunch cookie time for those brats..

Talked with Randy who is going to be handling Rudy at the shows in Ocala and to my surprise before our conversation ended ..Rudy will now be also going to Alabama..woo hoo..uh oh!  I'm gonna miss my boy..but I know he'll be in good hands ...He's growing up on me..:(

Tonight I'm listening to the elections..and it goes on and on..just let the best person win..for WE the PEOPLE PLEASE!..what more can I say..

Watched the Voice but it was mainly recaps..UGH!..so nothing more really other than elections...but remember after tonight no more commercials of who's the worst of the worst...YEAH !!!

Now I'm ready for bed..and need to get a good nights sleep and start dusting..tomorrow ..tomorrow..LOL

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All....

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