Saturday, October 18, 2014

I've Been Too Long At The Fair On Saturday

I've been too long at the fair on Saturday...for sure !  So much has gone on in my life I don't think I could even begin to tell my long tales...however, you know I'll not let anyone down... I've had some Whoppers !!!

Hubby goes back home tomorrow...I will miss the guy a lot and we'll go back to talking on the phone and video chats in fact I told him .."You know we talk more when I'm away than when I'm home "...It's a fact..mainly cause he's tired when he comes home and all talked out from work..leans back in the recliner and eats super and then it's bed time..

Amazing isn't it..but now I'll get to be more apart of the happenings..but I will miss him going to the stores..on his way home.(now I wonder why he don't talk) LOL..I hate shopping !!! 

Today we put the Mabeline up, and I could hear the taps play in the background...I so miss being able to just jump right in and take off for places unknown..(mostly dog shows) just heading out and a get away when needed..but again, pulling into this driveway..."it felt like home".

Our trip down from Pa, was not bad till we hit South Carolina...Holy Hannah all hell broke loose...the storm came through..and being stuck in the rig out on the road in a Welcome Center...not a great feeling and we Rocked and Rolled all night long... none of us got any when we pushed off we spent the extra day on the road and parked at Brunswick, Ga another one of my favorite Flying J..

Have been unpacking and trying to put things up and opened my box with my NuWave Pro..YES!!  I love not for everything but for a lot of things...sure does make my life easy and the things I do cook in it come out very juicy and tasty...

Have also put back on some of the weight I lost..but hubby tells me, "it's because he waited on me head and foot"  hahaha..maybe he did..nah !!!  it was because we ate things normally we wouldn't.. and late at night..OMG!  that was a killer...

So now I'm ready for bed..hubby is still making his rounds and I printed out his boarding pass..and it's gonna be a little strange at we both said, "Takes us a week to get in the hang up the empty nest feeling"...however, my nest is buzzing..with the brats..they are wilder than ever but I sure hope they will settle for Ms Shug...she will miss her DADDY...I just hope not too much as she still will come to me..but if she had her druthers would be the DADDY .. DRATS !

Any way, "I'm back"..hopefully with lots of good stories...cause you all know they just fall into my a "Flying Brick "..

Safe travels to all and as always...God Bless Us All..

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