Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Winging It On Wednesday !

Winging it on Wednesday !   I sure was..however, Miss Annie woke up at 4:30am and it seems maybe, perhaps, quite possible she's getting the message that we sleep a little longer than 5 hours.. I mean little gal, cut me some slack I'm the one that's got to feed you and clean up after you.. I need my beauty rest ....puhleeeeeeeez :)

So up we all got and my day planner said that I was gonna finish that blinkin Hutch come hell or high water..and guess what... I DID !!!  I mean I really DID !!... there was so much junk on top of it and to break way through...good golly it was forever..yes, my boxes came to the recue I won't even go where I placed those..but some time in my 9 months stay I'll empty them...

Today was vacuum day...Gawd that was a chore, and then a few spots that I don't even know where they came from ..I used my trusty spray and got rid of them...and I cooked up some meat balls..few I was tired..Yes!  I got in my nap.. I had no choice I was numb..

Even my vacuum was saying, "Please stop"!...yeah it was me..and again my dear cleaning lady never bothered to clean my vacuum.. come on.. I mean when you use yours don't you clean it up..????  maybe it's me..but I as I felt the rush of anger throb in my head I had to say, "Forget About It"..and get on with it.

Attempting to calm down Miss Annie..and I'm starting to put the pressure on her.. she's just so full of herself she's some what out of control..Rudy will calm down but not now I've started...everytime she's not listening and going nutz I put her in her crate..she's not liking it but I do notice she's starting to hear my voice..hopefully this will work..

When Rudy goes off to be shown I'll start doing more work on the lead with with the two of them there is no way..and I honestly can't handle them legs aren't strong I will try another method..

Played with Ms Shug tonight as in every night and she's really just wanting to be petted and I'm hoping she'll get back to herself..but she's missing the hubby..she really bonded with him..another project to work oh my !

Now watched Survivor and it was ok..but for some reason I can't get caught into it..maybe a little later down the road...or maybe cause by evening time I could really go to bed..brain fog..

Tomorrow I have a Cardio Doc appointment at 8:30am ..hoping I like this one..and he with that..those traveling STAY safe and as always..God Bless Us All..'s suppose to start dropping down to bundle up.. Electric blanket on low :)

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