Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little Productive On Thursday :)

A little productive on Thursday :) in spite of waking up at 1:30am and attempting to go back to sleep which took me 1 1/2 hours..I tried and I tried...but I was just tossing and turning and finally I drifted off...Thank you !!

Got up at 4:30am..yeah like I slept a lot..and my day began.. YES !  I made my corn muffins.. these are a staple in my house.. a toasted corn muffin and a cup of coffee makes this woman HAPPY !

My brats were as usual, getting into things and even under my feet.. I made sure I didn't stand ...I mean I've already had that experience.."head over heels".. not a great feeling..and I even kissed the Blarney Stone as I didn't get injured..just a big bruise

As the day progressed I got to make a pot of chili up ..and next I need to make a pot of gravy (sauce) up...but that will have to be on tomorrow (Friday) I have a Doctor appointment at 7:30am..and I like them early.. get in and get out without waiting hours in the waiting room to go into another room to wait more...NO THANKYOU !!!!!

I wanted to do some work on my blankie...but never got their instead I did manage to catch a few winks..woo hoo...yeah, I have to grab them where I can.. my list suffers but I've got time.. like 9 months..

Still didn't get to the hutch but I did get an empty box by putting a few things I placed it right on the table in front of the HUTCH...hint hint hint..yeah I know I even have to give myself subtle hints..hahaha..

Hubby worked a long day..finally left the office 8:30pm and gave me a quick call on the way home..that man, I worry as I use to do all those numbers..but I don't pester..he knows what he can and can't do... but I still worry...

Weather here has been great and I love the cool morning... I enjoy them..I love to sit out in the carport with my coffee and just lean back and listen to those birds...Ms Shug is still sleeping hahaha...but once she's up she takes over..and she is missing the hubby..but not being to bad..slowly coming around to me...she has no choice...hahaha..she only nips a little..

Watched the Biggest Loser..that program just amazes me how those people work out.. I'd be on the floor ...mouth to mouth...God Bless them..they are starting to look pretty good..and always at the end the weight they lose..WOW..

Now I'm beginning to slurr my thoughts hahaha.. I'm tired and notice lately I'm having shortness of breath so using my inhaler more..Hopefully it will clear up as I'm getting into a routine of getting work done..sitting on my duff for a few months kills me..

With that I'm gonna say, "Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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