Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Making Some Kind Of Progress On Tuesday

Making some kind of progress on Tuesday...although again I had another deal with Miss Annie...these early crazy hours..not really sure what's going on but one thing.. I'm making sure they go back to bed....even if it is for just an hour..

When I did get up again, I got right to starting my Crock Pot and my pot of Gravy...I wanted to make sure while I had the energy that these would be done..and then I even dusted..OMG!  I had some energy and to top that off I did a pan of brownies in my NuWave oven.. I mean I was running on high test !!!

However, remember that HUTCH that I'm 3/4's done with..well forget about it !  I never got to it.. I petered out ..big time...so there's always tomorrow and that's what it's gonna have to be..TOMORROW...

I did do the Brats toe nails..OMG! ..Rudy was nothing but Miss Annie... I wanted to ship her out to sea..she was awful..and guess what.. I was in such a pissy mood there was no way she was getting away with it...We struggled..but I wasn't given in..neither was she.. OH YOU !  you know what..I'll say it..cause that's what she is...BITCH !!!!

I won!!  I will never give up.. she was always good about it..but I let it go for several weeks and I guess she thought ..she was top banana...NOT IN MY HOUSE ! ...I used the drummel which is not painful..but some what tickling..but not for her....but she got her feet done and was she pissed..big time.. ignored me for a while.. I smiled..she growled..oh well :)

I did manage to get in a nap...as the two brats got into it..and so off they went into their crates...again...and I took the advantage and got in my nap...woo hoo.. later I took Ms Shug out and she was rather quiet until my hubby called and she heard his voice...YES!  she misses him..I'm again out in the cold..but she will work with me..just not overly kissing..in fact I have to beg...:(

Tonight watched the Voice..was really good..and then I gathered up my crew and out they went and off to bed we all went...now I'm just getting to my emails and then it's off to slumber I go too...

So with that..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

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